The Impact

We believe that creating some of the finest premium cigars in the world can be mutually beneficial with improving the lives of the artisans producing these cigars.

The Impact

Cigar production is an incredibly labor-intensive and delicate process. From cultivating the leaves to processing and aging, and ultimately to manufacturing and distribution, the production of a single premium cigar is the result of the combined efforts of hundreds of people. On average, more than 200 pairs of hands go into the making a single premium cigar before we have the pleasure of enjoying it.

Many of the communities involved in cigar production are affected by poverty, lack of sanitation, and limited access to clean water.

ACE Prime is committed to improving the lives of our team members. All employees receive a fair living wage and healthy working conditions, including access to medical services. In addition, we strive to improve the lives of their families and the communities they live and work in. We work with local authorities to help with sustainable development, provide access to water, paved roads, and community clinics.

We do this because we care. We care because it matters. It matters because it makes a difference. Not only are the people involved and improving their lives, but they are also producing some of the most beautiful blends and products we’ve ever seen.

The life of our cigars is formed in the hands and souls of hundreds of human beings. It’s seen in the fields, in the factory, in our processing facilities —people who dedicate their lives to making this exceptional product that you and I can enjoy!

“As you smoke our world-class cigars, you will discover the flavor of passion!” – Luciano Meirelles | Ace Prime




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